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I am Samurai White. I'm originally from Miami and currently divide my time between Atlanta and Boston. I am a proud Cuban of mixed race. I have a heart condition, but that didn't stop me from being a stem cell donor. I learned to be a sweatshop of one at the Rhode Island School of Design.

In Boston, I rode with a bike gang and joined a wrestling league. I cranked out a lot show posters during that time. I started making Heavy Metal Nutcrackers in 2012 while living in Acworth, Georgia, and helping to take care of my father as he battled lymphoma. In Atlanta, I joined the Lotus Eaters Club and helped paint some of their fabulous murals; I'm no longer an active member but remain an ally. I am currently headquartered at New Alliance Gallery in Somerville, MA, where I continue to make Heavy Metal Nutcrackers and have been exploring ink and resist as a medium to translate grief and trauma.

I love Heavy Metal, my cat Beef, traveling to foreign cities with my King Diamond nutcracker, dropping art, riding weird bicycles, and wielding swords.

I hate Rush, walking when it's cold and misty out, modernist buildings that look like jails, cucumbers, gross bathrooms, and when my mom tells me everything is going to kill me.

My father passed away on March 25, 2017. He was my biggest support and my harshest critic. I'm still not over his death and I speak frankly about grieving. Everything is dedicated to him.