Chromatic Dimensions



This project brought together 12 artists and had each one choose a color at random. My color was Burnt Sienna. I decided to do this in Pont-Aven style; a pretty involved mixed-media style I developed while living in France that needs to have at least 8 different types of paper, a map, foreign text, and a chunk of a boat. I couldn't source a decaying boat in time. It's based on Antoine de Saint-Exupery; his plane crashed in the Libyan desert in 1935. He and his mechanic/navigator only had one day's worth of liquids and rations. After being lost for four days, they were rescued by Bedouins. The crash and the hallucinations he experienced in that time became the inspiration for the opening of The Little Prince. Here's my progress; timelapses will be posted soon. This work is on display at Gallery 519 in South Boston.