Around the world with King Diamond

In 2015, I moved from Boston to Acworth, GA in order to take care of my dad while he was undergoing chemotherapy for a relapse of lymphoma. Since I was the only person who could drive at night, I had to stay in and basically kill time, just in case there was an emergency and I had to drive my dad to the hospital. During that time, I made a huge batch of nutcrackers. I was eager to make friends and form artistic alliances, so I got a few finished nutcrackers, some miniature food, and went to Tiny Doors ATL's Ponce door, under the premise that my nutcrackers showed up for a party. I had the King Diamond holding a pie and thought it was absolutely adorable. I decided to take him for a jaunt in Europe and he became my travel gnome. Since then, we’ve hit 3 continents, at least a dozen countries, and way too many cities to count.

Taken in the Sahara Desert, Erg Chigaga, Morocco.